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I guess if you stumble across my blog, you probably have an interest in photography, digital art or smudge painting too.

I have been a digital scrapbooker since 2005 ... wow, where has that time gone?? I am still heavily involved in the digi scrap community but I really believe that what I do is closer to art than scrapbooking - but whatever you want to call it doesn't really matter to me ... as long as I am creating I am happy.

I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing scrap artists and I have made some wonderful cyber friends though this industry. I can't imagine not having this outlet in my life ... besides where else would I get my inspiration?

Recently I discovered smudge painting, or virtual oil painting (as it is often called) and well, I am hooked - here I can merge my love of animal and nature photography with art and still be creative - it certainly works for me anyway.

This blog is just for my photos and art, I hope you enjoy your visit ... perhaps you could show me your work too, I would love to see it.

Just in case you are wondering ... my weapons of choice are Canon and Photoshop.

happy creating

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I really wanted to try smudge painting feathers, I think it kind of looks a bit like fur now - lol  ... this is one of the kookaburra's near our home - I have so many photos of them. 
We can hand feed them - we do try not too but they are so friendly. 
I took the photo a couple of months ago now - before the floods. 
You know it is raining again, kind of makes me shudder these days ... I used to love it.

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Lys said...

wow !!! this bird was beautiful on the photo and now he's gorgeous with your painting effect !